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Sales Training Reporting | Learning Analytics – Watershed LRS

… Improve how you track and report on sales training. · Track learner activity and engagement regardless of how or where content is consumed. · Track any kind of (1)

… 12 Learning & Development and Data Analytics we specifically noticed a 2% uptick in the Sales Department we were able to identify that due  12 — 12 In this focused course from John David Ariansen learn how to harness your sales data to create actionable insights that can help your (2)

How to measure learning and track performance using data …

… 10 L&D managers often create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their training programs. Data analytics helps the training provider create a (3)


Sales Enablement Analytics – Allego


… With the wealth of data available to drive strategic decisions and improve ROI sales and marketing has evolved from an art to a science. Sales and marketing (6)

IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform streamlines corporate …

… 19 Streamline corporate training and development with the IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform Data is critical for companies that rely on (7)

… Measuring effectiveness of learning and development (L&D) on business results is a Without the learning analytics that proves L&D makes an impact on the (8)

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