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1. When Slack Won the Team Chat Market – Zapier

Jul 27, 2018 — HipChat had launched a free plan for five users earlier that year—but Slack was free for everyone with limited search history (something HipChat (1)

Aug 5, 2021 — Unsure which solution is best for your company? Find out which tool is better with a detailed comparison of Slack & HipChat.(2)

The two platforms offer similar functionality with just a few quirky differences. Hipchat offers you several of the similar features at an equal price point to (3)

2. Slack vs. HipChat: Choosing a Messaging App for Your Team

May 25, 2016 — Slack has quickly established itself as the poster child of team collaboration, but HipChat offers many of the same features at a comparable (4)

Slack combines a great user interface that makes it easy to send messages within the organization. It allows integration with other third-party apps. Hipchat 20 answers  ·  142 votes: Pros (of Slack)
• Per-room notification settings: you can turn off notifications for noisy (5)

Jul 26, 2018 — Slack made a surprise announcement today that it’s acquired HipChat, once a primary competitor to its workplace chat service, (6)

3. Why HipChat Users Should Migrate to Microsoft Teams – Agile IT

Jan 14, 2019 — HipChat WAS awesome, but was acquired by Slack and discontinued earlier this year. Slack’s free tier only preserves 10,000 messages, which (7)

Sep 12, 2014 — They both allow for 1 on 1 conversations with team members, public channels/rooms, and private channels/rooms. Slack lets you see who is online (8)

4. 9 HipChat Alternatives (True & False Competitors) – Chanty

Jul 17, 2017 — To wrap it up, HipChat used to be almost 4-times cheaper than its arch rival. On this premise, Slack offered migration promo program with a 75% (9)

By the way, we used to have Stride and HipChat on this list until recently, too. Slack vs Microsoft Teams: Which Tool is Ahead of the Game?(10)

Comparison of Slack vs Stride (previously HipChat) detailed comparison as of 2021 and their Pros/Cons.(11)

Apr 21, 2016 — Which business messaging app is best for your team? Samepage, Slack, or Hipchat?(12)

May 23, 2016 — In our first round of Chat Wars, we find out how the veteran messaging app HipChat stacks up against the new kid on the block, Slack.(13)

5. Atlassian + Slack

Announcing an exciting new partnership and welcoming Hipchat and Stride users to Slack. We’re glad you’re here!(14)

Dec 18, 2019 — Slack vs. Teams: Which is best for your business? We compare the top two collaboration platforms in six categories, from usability to enterprise Developer: Microsoft Corporation(15)

Side by Side Comparison – Yammer vs Slack vs Hipcha in Tabular Form — Yammer vs Slack vs Hipchat. Description. Yammer, A collaboration platform that can (16)

6. Slack vs HipChat : So yeah, we tried Slack too – Designer News

interesting to see that they all preferred the Hipchat UI many saying that Slack is too busy and has “too much going on.” best response: “The whole sidebar (17)

Apr 10, 2017 — We take a look at best cloud based messaging/chat platforms comparing Hipchat Vs Slack. Here is the analysis based on the functionalities (18)

But we were also curious about Slack’s biggest competitor, Hipchat. When compared side-by-side, both have their pros and cons. Both are methods for informal (19)

Jan 6, 2016 — You don’t have to type more than “slack v…” into a Google search in order to get the following autosuggest result: Slack vs. HipChat vs.(20)

7. Atlassian’s HipChat and Stride to be discontinued, with Slack

Jul 26, 2018 — HipChat, the workplace chat app that held the throne before Slack was Slack, is being discontinued. Also being discontinued is Atlassian’s (21)

Integration with Slack — Integration with Slack[edit]. On July 26, 2018, Atlassian announced that HipChat and Stride would be discontinued February 15, 2019 (22)

Teams that use Jira and Slack together can leverage the integration to unlock issue previews, and skip the song and dance of going and forth from chat to Jira.(23)

8. HipChat (discontinued) vs Slack | TrustRadius

Compare HipChat (discontinued) vs Slack. 4867 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more.(24)

Not suited for: Lacks apps integration like Slack. Lacks quality with video calls. Slow file transfer for large files. Frequent downtime due to app instability.(25)

Compare Slack VS HipChat and see what are their differences. HipChat logo · Disciple icon Disciple. Grow, engage and monetise your community with Disciple (26)

9. Slack vs. HipChat: Choosing the Right Messaging App for …

Slack vs. HipChat: Choosing the Right Messaging App for Your Team. Kitty Gupta — May 10, 2017 · freelance jobs. Communication becomes important for the (27)

We recently had a Slack vs HipChat vs IRC debate. IRC, the traditional method used in the shop lost. After switching, for the first few months, (28)

10. Slack Buys Hipchat To Take On Microsoft Teams: What It Means

Jul 27, 2018 — Atlassian made clear that Slack is buying the IP behind Hipchat, which will be closed down to migrate users to Slack. The same will apply to (29)

HipChat, Slack, and Quip: Each service offers similar services, but to stand out from the competition, a service needs to provide, at least, one feature(30)

I’ve noticed a lot of people is recently asking about the comparison between HipChat & Slack. The team I’m working at has made the big step and …(31)

Jul 26, 2018 — Slack has acquired the intellectual property for Stride and Hipchat Cloud, both of which will be discontinued. Atlassian will also discontinue (32)

Zoho Cliq is the best Slack alternative for your team. Compare Cliq vs. Slack and find why Zoho Cliq is the better choice!(33)

Nov 12, 2015 – Slack and Hipchat are two of the newest, most popular messaging and communications tools that more and more businesses, small and large, (34)

Oct 26, 2017 — HipChat vs Slack, which one is better? Both are popular messaging platforms that have been utilized by many companies to improve team (35)

Productivity apps such as Slack vs HipChat Infographic are on top of this internal communication game as more and more organizations turn.(36)

Jun 6, 2018 — Though most experts believe that Slack is still leading the way when it comes to collaboration tools, Microsoft has added a host of new features (37)

Feb 14, 2019 — HipChat vs. Slack. HipChat got off to a successful start. It launched in 2009 and revolutionised workplace communications, (38)

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