What software does pixar use?

What software does pixar use?

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Pixar Animation Studios, known for its groundbreaking animated films, relies on a range of software tools to bring their imaginative stories to life. From creating stunning visuals to simulating realistic physics, Pixar utilizes a combination of proprietary software and industry-standard applications to achieve their artistic vision. In this article, we will explore the software that Pixar uses and how it contributes to their creative process.

RenderMan: Bringing Imaginations to Life

RenderMan is Pixar’s flagship rendering software, which plays a crucial role in generating the final images seen on the screen. It is a powerful tool that simulates the behavior of light, allowing artists to create realistic lighting and shading effects. RenderMan has been used in numerous Pixar films, including “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo,” and “The Incredibles.” This software has also been made available to other studios and artists, contributing to its widespread adoption in the animation industry.

Animation: The Heart of Pixar’s Films

Creating lifelike and expressive animations is at the core of Pixar’s storytelling. To accomplish this, Pixar uses various software tools, including:

Maya: Maya is a widely used 3D animation software that provides a comprehensive set of tools for character rigging, keyframe animation, and simulation. Pixar artists utilize Maya to bring their characters to life, giving them fluid movements and believable performances.

Presto: Presto is Pixar’s proprietary animation software, specifically designed to enhance the animation workflow. It provides a real-time feedback system, allowing animators to see their work in progress more efficiently. Presto has been used in films like “Brave” and “Monsters University” to streamline the animation process and improve productivity.

Simulation and Effects: Adding Realism to the Virtual World

To create visually stunning and immersive worlds, Pixar employs software tools for simulation and effects. These tools enable the creation of realistic physics, particle systems, and environmental effects. Some of the software used by Pixar in this domain includes:

Houdini: Houdini is a powerful visual effects software widely used in the film industry. Pixar utilizes Houdini for complex simulations, such as water, fire, and cloth dynamics. This software allows artists to control and manipulate simulations with precision, achieving the desired visual effects.

Yeti: Yeti is a fur and hair simulation software that Pixar uses to create realistic hair and fur on their animated characters. It provides a wide range of tools for grooming and styling, allowing artists to achieve intricate and believable hair effects.

Editing and Post-Production

Once the animation and effects are complete, Pixar relies on software tools for editing and post-production. These tools help in refining the final film and adding finishing touches. Some of the software used by Pixar in this stage includes:

Avid Media Composer: Avid Media Composer is a professional video editing software widely used in the film industry. Pixar utilizes this software to assemble the final scenes, add visual effects, and fine-tune the overall pacing and timing of the film.

Adobe After Effects: Adobe After Effects is a versatile software used for compositing, motion graphics, and visual effects. Pixar artists employ After Effects to enhance the final output, adding additional effects, color grading, and refining the overall look of the film.


Pixar Animation Studios utilizes a combination of proprietary software and industry-standard applications to create their visually stunning and emotionally resonant films. From RenderMan for rendering to Maya and Presto for animation, Pixar’s software toolkit enables their artists to bring their imaginative stories to life. With simulation and effects software like Houdini and Yeti, they add realism to their virtual worlds. Finally, editing and post-production tools like Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects help refine the final film. Through their innovative use of software, Pixar continues to captivate audiences with their extraordinary animated films.


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