Which dante software supports redundant connections?

Which dante software supports redundant connections?

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When it comes to Dante software, having redundant connections can be crucial for ensuring uninterrupted audio networking. Redundancy provides a backup pathway in case one connection fails, allowing for seamless audio transmission. In this article, we will explore which Dante software supports redundant connections, providing a comprehensive overview of the options available.

Dante Controller

Dante Controller is a software application developed by Audinate that allows users to configure and manage Dante audio networks. It provides a user-friendly interface for setting up audio devices, routing audio channels, and monitoring network status. Dante Controller supports redundant connections through its redundant mode feature.

In redundant mode, Dante Controller allows for the creation of primary and secondary network paths. Audio traffic is initially sent over the primary path, but if a failure occurs, the secondary path takes over automatically, ensuring uninterrupted audio transmission. This redundancy feature enhances the reliability and fault tolerance of Dante audio networks.

Dante Virtual Soundcard

Dante Virtual Soundcard is another software application developed by Audinate that enables computers to become Dante audio interfaces. It allows for the integration of computer-based audio applications into Dante networks. While Dante Virtual Soundcard itself does not directly support redundant connections, it can be used in conjunction with Dante Controller to achieve redundancy.

By configuring redundant paths using Dante Controller, Dante Virtual Soundcard can utilize the redundant network setup. This means that even though Dante Virtual Soundcard does not have built-in redundancy features, it can still benefit from redundant connections when set up correctly with Dante Controller.

Dante Domain Manager

Dante Domain Manager is a comprehensive network management solution for Dante audio networks. It provides advanced features for network security, user authentication, and network scalability. Dante Domain Manager also supports redundant connections, offering enhanced resilience for critical audio applications.

With Dante Domain Manager, administrators can configure redundant paths and ensure failover capabilities in case of network failures. This redundancy feature is particularly important in large-scale audio installations where uninterrupted audio transmission is essential.


In conclusion, several Dante software applications support redundant connections to ensure uninterrupted audio networking. Dante Controller, Dante Virtual Soundcard (when used with Dante Controller), and Dante Domain Manager all offer the ability to configure redundant paths and provide failover capabilities. These features enhance the reliability and fault tolerance of Dante audio networks, making them suitable for various professional audio applications.


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