Supply Chain Risk Management And Scenario Analysis

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Supply chain risk management: Review … – EconStor

… by P Singhal · · Cited by 230 — by P Singhal · · Cited by 230functions; scenario analysis (E.1.3) in which key risk factors and their effects on supply chain performance are analysed to develop a risk profile (1)

… Identified risks are thoroughly assessed through scenario analysis to determine the expected outcome level of impact and the likelihood of any risk to occur.(2)

Supply Chain Risk Management: 10 Strategies for Success

… Supply chain risk management refers to the process by which businesses take strategic steps to identify assess and mitigate risks within their end-to-end (3)

… by SA Lochan · · Cited by 6 — by SA Lochan · · Cited by 6). Risk analysis is becoming more difficult because the visibility of risk decreases while its complexity increases. It is fairly easy to see risk factors (4)

Risk assessment in supply chains: a state-of-the-art review of …

… by NA Choudhary · · Cited by 6 — by NA Choudhary · · Cited by 6Risk assessment refers to the analysis of risks based on stakeholder needs and the objectives of the firm. Risk mitigation then ensues which (5)

… by SP Pradita · · Cited by 3 — by SP Pradita · · Cited by 3The structure of the method can be divided into four phases: risk identification risk measurement/risk assessment risk evaluation and risk mitigation/ (6)

A combined approach for supply chain risk management

… (1) Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) to identify risk. (2) Design of experiment (DOE) to design risks mitigation and action scenarios. (3) (7)

… Quantitative analysis and risk management of supply chain has become more and more difficult with the increasing complexity of the supply chain network (8)

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