Supply Chain Sustainability And Renewable Energy

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Sustainable and renewable energy supply chain

… Renewable Energy and Sustainable Supply Chain Management have been extensively studied over the last decade. However techniques based on the modelling and (1)

… 05–In recent years the transition to a more sustainable and clean system has focused on the accelerated development of renewable energy (2)


… by EC ques · · Cited by 1 — by EC ques · · Cited by 1The findings show that the research about renewable energy in the context of a sustainable supply chain has been growing especially since 2010.(4)

Securing Clean Energy Technology Supply Chains

… more sustainable supply chains. Compared with solar PV and EVs low- emissions hydrogen1 – produced by electrolysis or steam reforming of natural gas with (5)

… 17–Furthermore renewable energy is a driving factor of green logistics and supply chain operations which also promote environmental and (6)

McDonald’s new strategy to bring renewable energy to its …

… 02–arbonizing value chains is critical to addressing climate change. For most organizations the vast majority of emissions are buried in Scope (7)

… addition there are powerful environmental arguments in favor of ‘clean’ alternatives that is focused on the supply chain for renewable energy sources.(8)

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