Tattoo Placement

Tattoo Placement


Today, tattoos are all the rage among youngsters. People have been tattooing their bodies to stand out from the crowd and show their individuality for a long time. However, nowadays, you can hardly find a person who’ll be surprised by this type of body art — in fact, the army of tattoo fans is increasing every day.

Tattoo Placement Ideas


A full arm tattoo is one of the most impressive options. You can also opt for the hand, wrist, or forearm. Choose any tattoo sketch you like and remember: you have two arms, so you can get symmetrical tats.


There’s a great variety of modern tattoo sketches. You can get one or two of your legs tattooed, or you can go for a full thigh tattoo. Getting small tats inked on the ankles or calves is another intriguing idea.


The back is a large canvas for turning all your tattoo ideas into reality. A vast and flat surface lets your imagination run wild, so it’s up to you what sketch to choose.


The stomach is a perfect tattoo placement, as you can ink images of any size, color, and technique.

Stomach tattoos for women can perform two different functions: enhance the beauty of a woman or cover stretch marks or scars.

On the contrary, men often have stomach tattoos for the following reasons:

  • nobody will stare at this type of tats
  • large images of various styles are highly welcome
  • belly tattoos look eye-catching on blocky abs.


The chest is one of the most well-loved tattoo placements. Men often decorate the chest with symbols, inscriptions, or birds, and women tend to go with flowers and animals.


Tattooing the neck can be terribly painful. Thus, neck tattoos will suit bold and daring individuals who are not afraid of public opinion.


Face tattoos are perfect for those who seek emancipation and freedom. If you’re ready to challenge society, go for it!

Peculiarities of Tattoo Placement

  • If you’re planning to gain or lose weight, consider the neck, forearm, or calf. The skin on these body parts doesn’t undergo significant changes.
  • Elbow, foot, finger, and palm tattoos tend to fade because of constant rubbing and flexing.
  • Before choosing a tattoo placement, consider the following questions: Do I want to get a tattoo for myself or the people around me? Do I want other people to see it?
  • If you have a low pain threshold, consult your tattoo artist about what area you should choose to get a tat on.

Tattoos for Men and Women: Characteristics

It’s not a secret that tattoos attract both women’s and men’s attention. Nowadays, there’s a wide range of various tattoo sketches. The choice of a tat depends on your personality and preference. Girls and boys opt for slightly different styles and images.

Women prefer sophisticated tiny tattoos, men — large sketches with clear lines and simple meaning.

Men often get tattoos for showing their confidence and status, and women like to highlight their sexuality with the help of this body art.

Guys can also have animal images inked into their skin. The meaning of the tat wholly depends on one’s views. Some animals’ habits and qualities can be compared with the personal traits of an animal tattoo’s wearer.


Popular Tattoo Sketches

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac tattoos are highly popular among millennials and astrology lovers. As a rule, this type of tattooing represents one’s personality and the typical character traits of each sign.


An Anubis tattoo gives off powerful energetic vibes and adds a touch of mystery and Egyptian motifs. Anubis is the patron and lord of the afterlife. Such a tat looks mesmerizing, meaningful, and intriguing.

An Anubis tattoo has a whole bunch of controversial meanings. The image of the ancient Egyptian god is a perfect tattoo sketch for strong men and splendid women.

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