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1. How do I get paid? – Thinkific

You can integrate with a payment processor to start accepting payment for your courses! Once you start accepting payment, you willMissing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(1)

Product Payee: Was your course creation a joint project? Or are you selling a product on someone’s behalf? Product payees are users with whom you would (2)

One popular solution is to use PayPal, and create a schedule/reminder for yourself to send the funds owed to your payees on a regular basis (e.g. once a month) (3)

2. External Payment Solution: What to Consider – Thinkific

If you prefer to use a payment solution other than our built in integrations with Stripe and PayPal for your courses, you’re in the rightMissing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(4)

Adding Your Content. Lesson Types. Add Lessons from Another Course (​Optional). Course Settings Assign payees and Course Admins to your course here.(5)

If you prefer to use your Shopify checkout, another option is to add multiple Coupons, affiliates, payees, Shopify is a separate sales channel with its own tools Automatically adding users to Groups: Our GroPayment plans & subscriptions: Only one-time Coupons, affiliates, payees: Shopify is a separMemberships: Only one-time payments are cur(6)

3. How to Manage Instructor Profiles – Thinkific

Instructor profiles are stand-alone profiles that allow you to include information the revenue from a course with someone, you need to create a product payee.(7)

One-Click Multimedia, Add multimedia content to your course faster with one-step The payee feature on Thinkific allows you to track payments for course (8)

4. Thinkific Product Payee (Updated 2020) – Educational Freedom

Though cliché and repeated to no end, that saying is one of the truest things in the whole wide world. It’s why people put such great stock into education, into (9)

Sep 26, 2018 — This Thinkific tutorial walks you through the Thinkific admin as well as how to use all the In addition to this Thinkific tutorial, I have a detailed Thinkific review put together for you so Thinkific admins and payees screenshot (10)

Thinkific uses cookies on this website. They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience and Missing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(11)

Do you have a high-value course and are looking to give your students the option to split their payment across a few months? WithMissing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(12)

Instead of this default text, we recommend adding a button to your banner that links to your desired checkout URL so students can easily buy your course!Missing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(13)

5. How can students manage their billing and credit card …

To access their Billing details, a student can click on their name or picture in the top right of your Thinkific site header and select My Account. They can then Missing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(14)

to strike a delicate balance in finding a price that people are willing to pay, without devaluing the work you’ve put in and the perceived worth of your content.Missing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(15)

To verify your Stripe account, add the verification information requested. Examples of verification information include details about your business, such as tax ID.Missing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(16)

6. Thinkific Payments: Set Your Course Pricing – Thinkific

Add Additional Prices for Your Course or Bundle. Managing Student Payments. Managing Multiple Student Payments from the Orders Table. Frequently Asked Missing: payee ‎| Must include: payee(17)

21:04 19:19 – Adding Admins to the Course 20:25 – Publishing a Course Every course on your Thinkific course Jan 16, 2017 · Uploaded by Thinkific(18)

If you are looking to sell an online course, thinkific vs teachable analysis will help You can add a video, audio as well as text and quizzes to your courses. It has a payee feature that can help you track the payments made to your authors (19)
























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