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1. Create a Survey – Thinkific

There are 5 different question types available in surveys: One answer – Allows the student to select only one option. This is a typical multiple choice question (1)

Go to Support Your Students · Select Users · Scroll or search for your student and click on the student’s name · Select the Quiz & Survey tab.(2)

Question With the One or More Correct Answers question type, can students just pick one answer? I want students to choose one of many(3)

2. How are the answers to Rating questions in my Survey …

How do students enroll in my free course? Thinkific Home; Home · Features · Take a tour · About · Pricing. Support (4)

Solution. With Thinkific’s Quiz Lessons you can create multiple-choice quizzes. Each question can have: One answer – Allows the student to select one option as​ (5)

We answer your frequently asked questions about Thinkific and our online Does the platform integrate with tools for e-commerce, marketing, and student (6)

3. Quiz & Survey Export – Thinkific

This is useful if you only want to see submissions that your students have The format of the answers to one of my Rating questions in the CSV export for my (7)

Setting a passing grade percentage within quizzes will require your students to answer a certain amount of questions correctly before the quiz lesson will be (8)

4. How To Use Quizzes To Increase Student Success … – Thinkific

Sep 26, 2018 — How To Increase Student Success In Online Courses Using Quizzes | Thinkific Once you finish answering the questions in the quiz, a screen (9)

Even if you aren’t demonstrating something in a video lesson, students are far you to create multiple choice questions with one or multiple correct answers.(10)

To receive the best answers, questions should be open-ended, elicit higher-order thinking/doing/reflecting, ask students to use the course content to formulate (11)

Apr 7, 2016 — But there is another way to create quizzes for your students, and that is by using Step 4: Create the questions and answers for your quiz.(12)

Default Quiz Behavior. By default, Quizzes will display if an answer is correct or incorrect once a student selects their answer. There will also be an explanation (13)

5. Frequently Asked Questions Site Builder Section – Thinkific

Getting the same questions from students over and over? Create a Frequently Asked Questions section, and answer them once and for all! (14)

Whether you need technical support or general tips and tricks, we’ve got you You are the best person to answer your student’s questions as the subject matter​ (15)

Template Instructions. Question Type. Use the following abbreviations for supported question types: SA – One correct answer; MA – One or more correct answers (16)

6. Can students view lessons they have already completed …

Question Can students revisit completed lessons? Can students retake a course? Solution Students can always return to your course to(17)

Quiz & Survey Results. If you have quizzes or surveys inside your courses you can find out which students have completed them as well view their answers.(18)

Solution. Yes! Our Brillium Lesson Type does support Essay questions. The experience will be as follows: In Thinkific, your student will take the Brillium Exam​ (19)

Assignment lessons are great for any type of homework that you would like a student to submit for approval and provide an opportunity for(20)

7. Your top 10 questions answered! – Preply Tutors Academy

Top questions · How does the “Find students” page work? · How will I get students? · When will I get my first booking? · Can I teach more than one subject? · Does  Rating: 4.8 · ‎605 reviews(21)

Students can retake quizzes by default, but we do have an alternative option if this is a requirement for your course. Quiz Retake(22)

A Short Text question for the Review Title – This is where your student will name Typeform also provides great options for reviewing all answers directly within (23)

8. Can I include fillable PDFs in my course? – Thinkific

Question Why doesn’t student information save when filling out my PDF? If you are looking for additional options for students to answer questions, also check (24)

Mar 30, 2020 — Students can ask questions directly on a group lesson or reach out to their Join us for a LIVE demo and get all of your questions answered!(25)

by an Instructor. You can reply directly through our admin area! You can also mark any post or reply as Hidden if it is no longer relevant for your students.(26)

9. Contact Thinkific: The course platform designed for student …

Got a Thinkific question for us? You’ve come to the right place. Look for answers to your questions in one of the many resources the Thinkific team put together (27)

Question Can discussion posts be edited? I made a mistake in my post/reply and would like to correct it. Solution Currently, discussion(28)

10. Can I export quiz questions? – Thinkific

Question Export quiz? Solution Currently, we don’t have a direct way to export quiz questions – including the answers and explanations(29)

Creating A Course In Thinkific How Can I Create A Question With A Text Answer? Your students will require to first develop a new account over left wing​.(30)

Jan 1, 2021 — This comparison of Teachable vs Thinkific will help you choose the best Quizzes are a great way to ensure that your students are absorbing class This will open an editor where you can add questions and answers.(31)

May 21, 2021 — This Thinkific review by a 20-year e-learning industry veteran is one of the best for this Quiz lessons – Create a quiz for your students. will get based on the answer to the previous question), and more robust reporting.(32)

Thinkific is accessed by over 16 million students in 164 countries and has To make a quiz, you can put in custom questions and answers however you want.(33)

3:3211 years in business & education, over 6,000 students in 121 How To Add Quizzes To Your Thinkific Feb 20, 2017 · Uploaded by Sarah CordinerMissing: answer ‎| Must include: answer(34)

a Course in Thinkific How Can I Create a Question With a Text Answer? Thinkific makes sure you have a school full of paying students eager to learn.(35)

A Thinkific Pro+Growth plan, with Courses set up, and students enrolled. Alternatively, create a review typeform, making sure to include questions as Missing: answer ‎| Must include: answer(36)

common questions about the Thinkific > Accredible integration, and the answers you need. “Why aren’t my Thinkific students receiving their certificates​?”.(37)

May 12, 2021 — In this Thinkific review, we’re going to answer all your questions, sharing Unlimited courses and students; Email students; Coupons; Custom (38)

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