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1. Private and Hidden Courses – Thinkific

Our Private and Hidden course settings allow you to control who can access but that’s no reason not to have your course landing page out there and ready to​ (1)

You can allow students to create their own accounts or manually create new This means your new user will be able to login, but not have access to any of your (2)

However, you’d like to give access your course to a friend, or an affiliate partner, free of charge. No problem! Available on all paid plans. Upgrade to use this (3)

2. Manually Enroll Students into a Course – Thinkific

If you would like to create a new student and give them access to paid course or If you select User chooses their own password, make sure to enable Send If no role is selected, they will have a student account; Click Save on the top right.(4)

Question Is there a way to limit a student’s login credentials to one IP address? Currently, there is no way to prevent students from sharing their sign in credentials This is so students have the convenience of accessing their accounts and (5)

Student accounts can also be given access to user-only It is possible for a user to create a student account on your Thinkific course site and not enroll in any input information including their account’s password and credit card details​.(6)

3. Express Sign In Link – Thinkific

You can give manually created or imported students the option to set their own who have not yet created a password the option to use the express sign in link. sign in link via the welcome email, you can also access it via the User page.(7)

They will have access to all functionality available on the account and have the to work with external partners, without needing to share your login credentials.(8)

4. Site Admins – Thinkific

A Site Admin has access that is similar to Site Owner and works great if you need someone to help This means they cannot edit the Site Owner’s email address or password details. If this field is not available for any Site Owner related notifications, we recommend setting up a forwarding rule within your email provider.(9)

How to Sign Into Your Site Once you have created an account, you can Sign In to your site: If you are not sure what that is, see Creating an Account. URL since creating your account, you can simply login by navigating to your current URL.(10)

How do my students receive their login or sign in credentials? to sign up or be added as student users (depending on your Thinkific plan) on your Thinkific site: How to set a Password Without a Site Welcome Email/Express Sign In Link.(11)

Students can reset their own password if they have forgotten it or edit an If your student can’t login because they don’t know their password or forgot their option on the course creator Thinkific URL, resetting at will not work for (12)

Because Course Admins only have these specific permissions, it’s a great way to share your workload without giving somebody access to make general (13)

5. How to Manually Change a Password – Thinkific

If you are logged into your Thinkific account and want change your password, or if you need to manually edit If you have forgotten your password, see How to Reset Your Password. times, you are seeing this error because you have not clicked on the most recent password reset link. How can I change my login email?(14)

If you have forgotten the password to your Thinkific site or would like to change your Select Sign In on the top right; On the login page, select Forgot Password; Enter the email If you are not sure what your Thinkific site URL is, no problem!(15)

We have found that the overwhelming majority of people who will pay for access to an online course are honorable, and so content piracy is not something we’ve​ (16)

6. Troubleshooting Guide for Student Issues – Thinkific

Your student may have forgotten their password. use a unique password for their Thinkific student account and that they do not share their login credentials.(17)

Students are able to reset their password (they may have forgotten it!). If your student has not received their password reset token and they’ve checked their When students cannot access a course or their account we often find it is because they Ensure the student is logging into your site rather than www.​

You might have received a notification that a new User was created in your account, but noticed they did not make a purchase. This is First Name; Last Name; Email Address; Password; Required Custom Fields. This is typically filled Having an Enrollment gives them access to your course and course materials! Not all (19)

Provide your students with social login options when they sign up for your site! your Thinkific course site by enabling login via Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Once an email/password has been set, they will no longer be able to use the (20)

7. How to Grant Site Access to a Thinkific Partner – Thinkific

Partners can securely request access to your site from their Partner account to log into your site without taking up one of your Site Admin seats.(21)

We provide you with all the tools and resources to help you with this! for a user to create a student account on your Thinkific course site and not enroll Students are immediately taken to their Student Dashboard when they login to your site.(22)

A Private Custom Page lets you add new, exclusive-access pages to your website. If a visitor tries to access this page without an active enrollment in the course or users will have to create an account (with a username and password​).(23)

8. Connect with miniOrange – Thinkific

miniOrange provides various security solutions SSO, MFA, Social Login, Network If you’re not sure what that is, check out: What is my Thinkific subdomain?(24)

If you’re experiencing problems with logging into your existing Thinkific site, here’s how to troubleshoot the issue. Common Login Issues. If you have forgotten​ (25)

in to your Thinkific site. or create new account. Email Password Sign in. Remember me. Forgot password? Site not here? Sign in with a different email address.(26)

9. Users & Permissions – Thinkific

Connect With Us; Contact support · Twitter · Facebook · YouTube. Legal; Privacy policy · Terms of service. © Thinkific. Thinkific uses cookies on this website.Missing: password ‎| Must include: password(27)

With this SSO service, you can login into Thinkific with any IdP. or people to create and deliver online courses without any design or technical expertise.(28)

10. FAQs – Alcott Learning

I can’t login to my Thinkific site. If you have forgotten your password go to your Thinkific site, clicking Sign in and then selecting Forgot If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please email us at

Allow students to log into WordPress, without a password, from within Thinkific. Important: This extension requires a Thinkific plan that has access to the SSO (30)

The next step is to create a Brillium assessment (if you do not already have one). When defining integration options to connect a Brillium assessment with Thinkific, has an Assessment Key (referred to as an “Exam Password” in Thinkific).(31)

In order to get these fields, head to your partner.thinkific dashboard at. http://​ and login with your username and password. For example, say that the ‘List courses’ operation did not exist in our Thinkific connector, and you (32)

How to Password Protect Thinkific – Click here for more information. You can have the best courses in the world, but if it can not get it into the hands of those that Stripe/PayPal support (which will remain helpful ) and access to all the funds.(33)

May 12, 2020 — One of the concerns we have is a user sharing their account. On Thinkific’s This integration makes login sharing even easier to spot. You’ll be 5 answers  ·  0 votes: @thenext—I would recommend pulling an event up in Insights, such as ‘Course Landing Page,’ and using the breakdown feature in the query builder (34)

courses 9 months prior, and was hosting them on a password-protected page Thinkific. free + no transaction fee. paid plans start at $39/mo + no transaction fee Is there a limit on how many students can have access to a given course?(35)

All your student needs to do is create a user account on your site and they’ll be able to have access to the course content without paying anything. You can set Missing: password ‎| Must include: password(36)

Jun 8, 2021 — Automatically segment customers into your Thinkific Courses and Below, we’ll break down how to connect SamCart with Thinkific, and how to create rules SamCart page, they’re automatically emailed their login credentials. Did you find it helpful? Yes No. Send feedback. Sorry we couldn’t be helpful.(37)

Mar 12, 2021 — In this detailed comparison, I review Thinkific vs Kajabi based on the most important Ultimately, here’s the goal: Provide a premium course experience to your that lets your students access your content without a password.(38)

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