Three Telegram Channels About Crypto and More

Three Telegram Channels About Crypto and More


Being a professional trader is very difficult. Every day, users receive a lot of information that needs to be analyzed, filtered, and applied in their work. Investors spend most of their time in Telegram channels about crypto. There you can chat with people and find out the latest news. The whole crypto community lives there.

At conferences, everyone exchanges Telegram addresses, not phone numbers. So there is a higher chance of contact later, and it’s calmer in terms of privacy. In addition, using Telegram, you can check new projects in which you have invested or are preparing to invest. There are countless channels, but good ones are still few. We will talk about them today.


CryptoLibrarys is a crypto platform for tracking private and public fundraising. CryptoLibrarys is one of the few resources that does independent analysis in the form of fairly detailed written reports, as well as videos summarizing their main findings. They evaluate the short and long term prospects of projects.


A useful source of information is the company’s telegram channel. Colossal liquidity is concentrated here, and at the same time, everything is changing at a breakneck pace. The environment is extremely competitive, projects appear and disappear. Therefore, the ability to identify a promising DeFi protocol, DAO, or startup can bring X’s that you can’t wait for in a “traditional” crypt. The authors of this Telegram channel pull out the most important events and projects from the world of crypto.


ChainBroker is one of the world’s most popular price tracking websites in the fast growing cryptocurrency market. The mission of the portal is to make cryptocurrency more accessible to users. On the website you can find super accurate and objective information about all popular projects and assets. Thanks to the information received, the reader can draw their own informed conclusions.

The channel worth subscribing to has a new name In addition to news and reviews, this channel publishes announcements of cryptocurrency listings. Write about the hottest trends. If you want to enter NFT or metauniverse projects, but before that, figure out what is happening in these markets and which of the “whales” started moving in the same direction, subscribe.


One of the best cryptocurrency news sites is CryptoDiffer. The platform writes concisely about the latest stories from the cryptosphere, which allows all readers to understand even the most complex issues of this technology. The topics they cover are related to bitcoin, altcoins and everything related to blockchain as well as the latest dramas.

The Telegram channel CryptoDiffer publishes news, research results and interesting statistics in the field of cryptocurrencies, as well as investments in the stock and currency markets. The channel has an active community that discusses and comments on publications. People can share their experience, but there are no direct recommendations on how to invest in cryptocurrencies, trade signals or predictions on CryptoDiffer. Here you can also find information about useful tools and resources for a crypto trader.


We hope you enjoy our list of useful cryptocurrency telegram channels and find the best source for the latest cryptocurrency news. If you want to become a successful crypto investor, you need to arm yourself with important knowledge from the best information sites about cryptocurrencies.