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1. HTL JavaScript Use-API | Adobe Experience Manager

Apr 4, 2021 — The HTML Template Language (HTL) JavaScript Use-API enables a HTL file to access helper code written in JavaScript. This allows all complex ‎apps/my-example/component/info/info.js · ‎Repository Structure(1)

Jul 28, 2015 — Adobe Experience Manager offers two APIs for writing server-side code that Sightly can consume. One is the Java Use-API and the other is the (2)

Jun 22, 2019 — AEM uses Rhino to compile server-side JavaScript into Java. All of the regular Java libraries are available by using the class path in the (3)

2. Day 08: Dueling with JavaScript Use API – AEM Ninja

To understand how we can use JavaScript Use API, let’s take an example. Example. Create a simple text component with a basic configuration as follows (how? see (4)

What is it? Actually, it is a class that enables us to talk to the front end of our component. It is similar to the JavaScript Use API in usage.(5)

Jun 14, 2017 — data-sly-use.objectName =” JAVA class /Java script name “. An object is created and that object can be used for accessing properties returned by (6)

3. HTL Scripting Engine – Apache Sling

Jul 29, 2021 — Use-API Extensions. Global Objects; Sling Models Use Provider; Java Use Provider; JavaScript Use Provider; Script Use Provider; Picking the (7)

In AEM 6.4 and lower, we only have one option to set a variable and it doubles as a I won’t be going into detail on Sling Models or the JS/Java Use APIs (8)

4. experience-manager-htl.en/getting-started.md at … – GitHub

It is recommended for new AEM projects to use the HTML Template Language, And to detail how to write the logic, the JavaScript Use-API and the Java (9)

Mar 15, 2020 — ResourceUtils examples using an AEM Maven project and the We.Retail sample to show how to pass data from the HTL to server-side JavaScript, (10)

Sep 24, 2020 — With HTL, we can set a value within data attribute’s value, returned from the AEM backend via Sling Model or HTL Java Use-API or HTL JavaScript (11)

Since we expose a JavaScript API that’s based on the native DOM API and has all Following the patterns used in actual HTML elements, we use JavaScript’s (12)

Dec 3, 2019 — This has been made simpler with the help of the JavaScript Use-API. Java services too can be referenced, but in JavaScript, (13)

5. [AEM] Check if a value is present in a child node – server side js

Nov 20, 2017 — Adobe Certified AEM Architect and Senior Developer. Python , React Beginner. “use strict”; /** * Has Image JS Use-api script (14)

General Capabilities of HTL. This section quickly walks through the general features of the HTML Template Language. Use-API for Accessing (15)

Mar 31, 2021 — This plugin generates a JavaScript Use-API JS file containing the dynamically generated path(s) of your SVG sprites which can be used in (16)

6. Different ways to pass data from AEM6 to Javascript

Use data-* attributes to pass along information to JS, in some cases So far in AEM land I’ve tried quite a few different options for passing data to the (17)

Every JavaScript object implements the java.util.Map interface to enable APIs to receive maps directly. When numbers are passed to a Java API, they are (18)

Aug 4, 2015 — This will enhance the readability of your HTL scripts and makes it easier for others to understand. (19)

Feb 14, 2019 — HTL(Formerly known as Sightly) uses two ways of implementing support for business logic objects: 1) Java Use-API, through POJOs, 2) JavaScript (20)

7. A Detailed Overview of Slightly Language – NextRow

Sep 13, 2017 — This is a core feature of AEM and it is used on many websites. provides a simple to use USE-API to separate logic from the markup.(21)

Jul 8, 2016 — Below advantages of using Sightly make you to code sightly easier and faster : Powerful – Straight-forward API for logic, allowing to do (22)

Jun 1, 2021 · 1 answerHTL/Sightly is a server-side template language. The scripts (including JS Use Objects) are compiled and ran once, when the page is rendered.(23)

8. AEM Page Speed Optimization – Digital Marketing | Adobe …

Nov 24, 2020 — Understanding the metrics. The analysis will provide you with a score and the criteria used to evaluate the page. Important issues that affect (24)

Better understanding of Classic/Touch Modes of AEM 6.0 & 6.1. JavaScript, XML, XHTML, AJAX, JQuery, Adobe CQ5 APIs, Apache Sling, OSGi bundles.(25)

Aug 24, 2016 — They allow you to produce client-side JavaScript and CSS libraries while This calls the server-side JavaScript Use-API to generate the (26)

9. AEM Sightly Deep Dive – SlideShare

Apr 29, 2016 — The Use-API accepts classes that are adaptable from Resource or Request. 16. Adobe Experience Manager Model logic This logic is not tied to a (27)

If you’re using older versions of Next.js, refer to our previous documentation. an external API endpoint to get posts const res = await fetch(‘https://.(28)

10. Tuesday, 24 November 2015 – AEM Quickstart

Nov 24, 2015 — You can use youtube API to add video in your webpages. Note: In order to make sure your javascript works, add “enablejsapi=1” parameter (29)

Nov 13, 2015 — Only zero argument calls are allowed from templates; Java Use-API doesn’t Loading the library’s CSS style sheets and JavaScript is done (30)

Mar 28, 2017 — At several occassions I did code reviews on AEM projects in the last months. The mixed usage of JCR and Sling API.(31)

Use Storybook to build small atomic components and complex pages in your web Storybook integrates with most popular JavaScript UI frameworks and (32)

Part 1 of 4 in the AEM JavaScript Use-API series. reCAPTCHA v3 returns a score for each request Let’s understand how to implement it with an example:-.(33)

Jun 12, 2017 — In osgi services etc watch out what is hidden from it AEM JavaScript Use-API ResourceUtils page contains examples for using.(34)

The AEM JavaScript Use-API ResourceUtils page contains examples for using Solution: AEM Author activity reports – Cyber Security: Awareness is the key.(35)

Beside this, what is OSGi service in AEM? Day 08: Dueling with JavaScript Use API. Part 1 of 4 in the AEM JavaScript Use-API series.(36)

Explanation. Enter a foreground and background color in RGB hexadecimal format (e.g., #FD3 or #F7DA39) or choose a color using the color picker.(37)

To access the API: How to iterate child nodes of a node in AEM Posted By: AEM offers two API one is Java-Use Api and other is Javascript-Use-Api for the (38)

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