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… UX Research and Strategy started as a meetup and strives to make UX topics both approachable and actionable. We want people to gain concrete skills of how (1)

… How to pick the best UX research method for each stage in the development process. There is a vast array of user research methods to choose from (2)

User Research Basics –

… When to Perform User Research Methods ; Parallel Design – A design methodology that involves several designers pursuing the same effort simultaneously but (3)

… 28 Stakeholders didn’t know how to work with user researchers yet. Research was looped in after business strategy and product development (4)

How to create the best user research plan? – CleverX

… 13 It s an essential part of the product development process A solid UX research strategy is a great way to gain stakeholder buy-in and (5)

… In general it can be broken down into the following steps: idea sourcing idea screening market & user research strategy development product creation (6)

Why user research is essential for product development

… 3 Primarily UX research involves using different research methods to gather qualitative and quantitative data and insights about how your users (7)

… 12 Doing user research to improve the user experience is an important piece in the process of designing any digital product (8)

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