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BizToolsPro is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

BizToolsPro is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

If you want to start an online business from home in your spare time, Wealthy Affiliate was designed especially for you.

As they say at Wealthy Affiliate:

“We all have a hobby or something that gets us excited and motivated when we think about it. It only takes one good idea to create a very successful business online.”

Wealthy Affiliate Success Factors

Wealthy Affiliate offers state-of-the-art online business tools & training, specializing in affiliate marketing.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is you don’t need your own product to sell. You simply create “affiliate friendly” websites with the training and easy-to-use tools found at Wealthy Affiliate.

Then you refer your website visitors to merchant websites using your special “affiliate link”. When they buy something from the merchant website, you earn a commission.

You don’t need to worry about payment processing or customer service. The merchants take care of all that (e.g. Amazon if you join the free-to-join Amazon Affiliate Program).

When you need help, friendly Wealthy Affiliate members of all skill levels are there for you via live chat and discussion boards. It’s the next best thing to having your own personal consultant on-hand 24/7!

Wealthy AffiliateAs mentioned, to start a thriving affiliate business, the first step is to find a profitable affiliate niche that fits you (your one great idea). You want to make sure it has sufficient income potential for affiliates.

My exclusive free gift for new Wealthy Affiliate members (only available here).

To help you with that, I wrote 659 Profitable Niche Markets. Click the eBook cover below to learn how you can get it for free today…

659 Niche Markets

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Who can Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

walogo2While 659 Profitable Niche Markets will help point you in the right direction, Wealthy Affiliate is designed to take you to your destination, a profitable online affiliate business.

girllaptopIt includes a free blog to try it all out for yourself. They also provide basic training on how to set up your free blog with affiliate profits in mind.

This will save you time, money, and headaches if you are trying to decide if an online affiliate business is right for you.

They make it easy to follow along. In fact, the Wealthy Affiliate platform makes creating the blogs the easiest step of all. (You can create your first blog in under a minute).

So rather than listen to anyone’s opinion (like mine), you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and try it out. Join from here and get the “659 Guide” shown above for free at the same time.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for readers of my 350 page PURR Passive Income Power™ book (available on Amazon). Why? WA offers my readers many benefits that you can’t get in a book, all in one place.

Here is a sampling of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer:

  • simple step-by-step affiliate training, including video training.
  • free built-in tools including a keyword planning tool, free internal website hosting platform, article writing tool complete with royalty free images to add to your website.
  • helpful community of like-minded entrepreneurs all supporting each other with their online businesses.

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Get it for free Today…

Got questions? Ask your questions below. UPDATE: now over 35 Wealthy Affiliate Questions and Answers created by visitors to this page (see the comments section below)

Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person. There is no guarantee you will achieve any kind of specific result using the information presented here.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”African Proverb

Wealthy AffiliateThe Wealthy Affiliate community is a major reason why I recommend WA above any other similar program out there. They are generally very upbeat, kind and helpful.

It you ever get stuck, all you have to do is ask. There are many places within Wealthy Affiliate where you can do just that:

– private messages
– live chat with other members
– discussion areas integrated throughout the site, like at the bottom of each training page so members can discuss and clarify what they just learned.

Jim Rohn said: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

If you don’t have people in your life that are knowledgeable about online business, or supportive of your dreams and efforts, then consider getting the Wealthy Affiliate Community on your side. Spend some time with the folks inside WA and you will up the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

They say the best way to improve yourself is to stand by the smartest person in the room, and if that person is you, then you are in the wrong room!

The Wealthy Affiliate Community is a good room to stand in to soak up the knowledge of those that are a few steps ahead of where you are.

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Competing Services

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership with a free affiliate blog and free training to set it up, something competitors don’t offer.

You get to see how easy it is to create a blog-style website. You get to see how it feels to have your own online business. At zero cost. This is a unique benefit of Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium Wealthy Affiliate members are allowed 10 websites. As a result, you can create blogs just for following along with the training, or to try out different niche markets or approaches.

I believe the freedom to create many different websites is an important benefit of Wealthy Affiliate.

However, competing services sometimes like to point to this as a negative. Why? Because there is a danger of lack of focus. This can lead to WA members having many websites that don’t get much traffic, or being “invisible”.

Regardless, having multiple blogs/websites is part of my longer term plan to diversify and generate multiple streams of passive income. At Wealthy Affiliate, I just need the one premium account to support that vision.

As long as you focus on one at a time to make each successful before moving on to more, I think this flexibility to have many affiliate blogs all “under one roof” is a good thing.

Try Wealthy Affiliate for free, and check it out for yourself.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Wealthy AffiliateThis review of Wealthy Affiliate will cover many aspects of WA, including some solid reasons why it is NOT a scam. The only reason I bring up the idea of a scam is because all programs of this sort have people asking whether or not a particular program is a scam or legit. This can be verified by any keyword planning tool.

The definition of a scam is taking money up front and providing no real value. With WA, solid value is offered for free, which is the complete opposite of a scam.

So the first and most obvious argument against the idea that wealthy affiliate is a scam is that you can try out the WA platform for free. Unlike many programs on the internet, WA’s free starter membership does not require a credit card to be entered. There is no time limit on your free access, and no obligation to upgrade to the Premium level.

Wealthy Affiliate’s starter membership includes access to the free blog platform called Site Rubix. It allows you to create a new blog/website completely free and in under 30 seconds. (Premium members also have the option to create blogs/websites on domains they own, to be hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.)

You essentially just enter a website name and subdomain address, and choose a theme for how you want your site/blog to look. Then you click a button and WA’s Site Rubix platform does all the heavy lifting of creating a WordPress database-driven website for you. This gives you the full experience of how it feels to operate a blog/website at no cost.

The free starter membership shows you how. It also provides additional basic training to help you decide what your new website should be about, how to write effective content to post to your new site, how to get people to see your content, and how to profit from it.

What about Wealthy Affiliate Premium?

Wealthy AffiliateThe WA Starter membership is sometimes referred to as a trial because, as with all programs that offer good value for free, there is a premium membership level that the starter membership gives you glimpses of.

The premium level continues in the spirit of only charging members after proving the value it delivers. Unlike competitors that charge a large up-front fee to get in, Wealthy Affiliate offers the first month of premium for $19.

Premium gives you access to absolutely everything in Wealthy Affiliate. Nothing is held back, as is the case with some competitors that have constant upsells to higher levels.

For example, a WA Premium membership allows you to host up to 10 websites/blogs at Wealthy Affiliate.

After that first month you can continue paying $49 monthly for as long as it is helping you.  You can also save a lot by going yearly, once you are convinced of the value it is providing you (I pay yearly now after 5 or 6 months of paying monthly).

However, the free starter membership will give you hands-on experience with the platform. It has a very modern look and feel. It is fun and somewhat addictive to use once you get the hang of it. You will get access to enough things with the starter membership to determine if going premium makes sense for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders

Any discussion of WA success stories should also include Kyle and Carson, the Wealthy Affiliate founders. Long before they started WA over a decade ago, they were already doing very well online using the principles they now teach others in WA. They have progressed to having their own flagship product which is the Wealthy Affiliate program you see today.

Just like Kyle and Carson, creating your own products is something you can try eventually. Imagine creating a website that gets website visitors every day. You can monetize that traffic by promoting related affiliate products for a commission. This can be great business strategy all on its own, and is what Wealthy Affiliate specializes in.

However, after you gain some traction with your website you can try what Kyle and Carson did. That is create or source your own product to sell to your audience instead of the affiliate product you are promoting.

You can take it a step further and setup your own affiliate program for your product. This means you can now get others promoting your product for a commission, in the same way you started out promoting other people’s products. You pay your affiliates a commission if and only if they make a sale.

The mechanics of this may sound difficult, but there are services out there that will manage your affiliates for you for a transaction fee. The world is already setup to do business this way, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person. There is no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page.

If online business interests you, the main thing is to get started, however small, and see where it leads you. The steering wheel of a car only works if you have some forward momentum!

You will make some mistakes along the way, but on the other hand, you will never get anywhere unless you start moving. It can be a fun and very rewarding journey, especially if you avoid common pitfalls and follow some practices developed by others with real world experience, all laid out for you inside the Wealthy Affiliates program.

Wealthy Affiliate Classes, Certification Courses, and Affiliate Bootcamp


What is the Wealthy Affiliate University? From the free WA keyword tool I can see that people are searching on terms like: “wealthy affiliate university scam”. So this is a question that is on some people’s minds.

While WA is certainly not an accredited university and has never presented itself as such, it is easy to see why people might think of it that way. For one thing, Wealthy Affiliate has so many training options, such as:

Classrooms (each contains many training modules including instructional videos):

• Getting Started
• WA Affiliate Program
• Keyword, Niche and Market Research
• Everything WordPress
• Authoring & Writing Content
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Engagement & Marketing
• Website Development & Programming
• Local Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Email Marketing
• The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
• Pay Per Click Marketing

Certification Courses:

• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)
• Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)
• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3)
• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)
• The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)


• Websites & Hosting
• Keyword Tool
• Rapid Writer
• Link Tracking
• Keyword Lists

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp:

There is also a WA Bootcamp training section that shows you how to promote the WA Affiliate Program. The bootcamp contains advanced affiliate marketing training, with many distinct modules within each Phase of the training:

• Starting Your Foundation (PHASE 1)
• Content, Keywords and Conversions (PHASE 2)
• Giving Your Site Social Value (PHASE 3)
• Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media. (PHASE 4)
• Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals (PHASE 5)
• Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC (Phase 6)
• How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (PHASE 7)

Work From Home with Wealthy Affiliate

Another benefit of WA is you can work from home. Wealthy Affiliate training and the online business you launch during the training can all be done from home in your spare time. The only deadlines are the ones you set for yourself.

If you are looking for a job or have a job you don’t like, you can be doing this part-time at the same time. This isn’t a matter of quitting something to do this instead. In fact, I would recommend not quitting anything until you are sure the WA lifestyle is a viable option for you.

You can also scale your online business from home, by re-investing profits to outsource repetitive tasks to others. With sites like Upwork, you can find freelancers to do some of the work for you.

At this stage you could become more of a project manager managing the moving pieces of your online business from home. However, before you pay anyone to do work for you, learn a few things and make sure you are in a profitable niche that will allow you to cover the costs of the freelancers.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Wealthy AffiliateWealthy affiliate members can choose between the free starter membership and the paid premium membership. The best would be to join for free, try things out for a while, then decide if premium makes sense for you.

Should you buy a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

Is wealthy affiliate worth it? Does it really work? After this Wealthy Affiliates review I hope you are closer to being able to answer that for yourself. In my opinion and experience, the premium training is really very good.

I believe it will save you time and help you avoid some wrong turns compared to venturing out on your own. In the end it is up to you to decide if you want to invest the time to see if Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve your goals.

To join Wealthy Affiliate for free under my link and get a welcome message and advanced tips from me within Wealthy Affiliate, including my 659 Profitable Niche Markets eBook for free, please click here just before you join.

P.S. You may also be interested in my 350 page Book:

PURR Passive Income Power™ (USD $7)

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659 Niche Markets

$ 0
Free e-Book
  • PURR-659-niche-markets-thriving-160
    Organized by 7 categories:
  • Money, Health, Hobbies, Relationships, + 3 more profitable categories. 659 niche markets in total.