What Is Css Class In Mailchimp?

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1. Use the CSS Inliner – MailChimp

Mailchimp’s CSS Inliner converts pasted styling into inline CSS, saving you time. CSS styling in your HTML email, including attributes, pseudo-classes, (1)

You’ll get the best results if you use CSS for general elements like fonts or colors. Use inline CSS Because browser-based email applications, such as Gmail, strip​ (2)

The Title Attribute displays text when a recipient hovers over a link. The CSS Class allows you to define a class for the link, which requires that you add a CSS style (3)

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2. Helper Classes | Mailchimp

This also allows us to keep our CSS specificity low. Padding can be applied by using the classes padding–lv1 through padding–lv8 , while margin uses the (4)

To style an input as a button use the button class and define a label by adding a value attribute. Disabled. Default Important Primary Action Caution.(5)

size1of2 class which makes them half size to fit 2 per row. label, Labels, Default label selector. Use this to style most form labels. (6)

3. CSS Inliner Tool | Email Design Reference – Mailchimp

Some email clients strip out and