Your Ultimate Grizzly Tools Buying Guide: 10 Products Worth Investing In

Your Ultimate Grizzly Tools Buying Guide: 10 Products Worth Investing In


1. Grizzly Industrial G0690 – 10″ 3HP 220V Cabinet Table Saw

Grizzly Tools has long been associated with heavy-duty and reliable woodworking machinery, and the Grizzly Industrial G0690 Cabinet Table Saw is no exception. With a robust 3HP motor and precision-ground cast iron table, this saw is designed for the serious woodworker. The triple belt drive, camlock T-fence, and heavy cast handwheels ensure both precision and smooth operation. It’s a sound investment for those looking to upgrade their shop with a tool that can handle the rigors of daily use.

Key Features and Benefits: The riving knife, heavy-duty cast iron trunnions, and magnetic switch with thermal overload protection contribute to the safety and durability of this model. The precision and capacity of the G0690 make it a standout choice for professionals.

2. Grizzly Industrial G1023RL – 10″ 3HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw

Another powerhouse in the Grizzly Tools lineup, the G1023RL Cabinet Table Saw, offers an excellent balance of performance and value. This model features a quick-release riving knife, which greatly reduces the risk of kickback, and an easy-glide fence system for smooth adjustments.

Materials Used: The cabinet saw is constructed with heavy-duty cast iron for maximum stability and vibration-free performance. The inclusion of a poly-V serpentine belt drive transfers power efficiently to the blade, offering a quieter and more precise cut.

3. Grizzly Industrial G0513ANV – 17″ 2HP Bandsaw, 30th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating Grizzly’s 30 years of excellence, the G0513ANV 17″ Bandsaw combines affordability with performance. Its 2HP motor and deluxe extruded-aluminum fence make resawing and cutting thick material a breeze. With a large cutting capacity and blade speed versatility, it is an essential tool for any woodworker’s shop.

Build Quality: This special edition bandsaw boasts a sturdy construction with a cast iron frame and table that ensure precise cuts. Its anniversary edition features also include a beautiful black and orange color scheme, making it a standout piece in any workshop.

4. Grizzly Industrial G0453Z – 15″ 3HP Planer with Spiral Cutterhead

A planer is a must-have for woodworkers aiming for perfectly smoothed and dimensioned lumber. The G0453Z features a spiral cutterhead with indexable carbide inserts that reduce tear-out and noise, providing an ultra-smooth finish on wood pieces. With a powerful 3HP motor, this planer can tackle the most demanding tasks with ease.

Durability and Performance: The heavy-duty cast iron construction ensures a stable, vibration-free operation, while the built-in mobile base allows for easy movement around the shop. The digital readout for the planing thickness adds to the convenience and precision of this machine.

5. Grizzly Industrial G7943 – 12 Speed Heavy-Duty Bench-Top Drill Press

The G7943 Bench-Top Drill Press is a testament to Grizzly’s commitment to quality at an affordable price point. With 12 speeds, this drill press can handle a variety of materials, and its solid construction ensures accurate drilling.

User-Friendly Features: This model includes a precision-ground work table, depth stop, and a built-in light to illuminate the work area. The 3/4 HP motor provides ample power for even the most challenging projects, making it a reliable choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

6. Grizzly Industrial G0555LX – 14″ 1HP Deluxe Bandsaw

For those looking for a bandsaw that offers both precision and affordability, the G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw is the perfect fit. It features a 1HP motor, cast iron frame and table, and an aluminum T-shape re-saw fence for straight and accurate cuts.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience: The deluxe miter gauge, quick-release blade tension, and blade tracking window are designed for user safety and ease of use. The inclusion of a 4″ dust port also helps in keeping your workspace clean and dust-free.

7. Grizzly Industrial G0490X – 8″ 3HP Jointer with Spiral Cutterhead

Jointers are essential for creating flat surfaces on wood, and the G0490X Jointer stands out with its spiral cutterhead design. The 3HP motor and long infeed and outfeed tables provide ample support for handling long pieces of lumber, ensuring a precise and even finish.

Efficient Design: The spiral cutterhead with carbide inserts offers a superior finish and a quieter operation. The handwheel-operated precision table adjustments make for easy control over the cutting depth. It’s a professional-grade tool that offers exceptional performance and longevity.

8. Grizzly Industrial G0602 – 10″ x 22″ Benchtop Metal Lathe

Grizzly Tools doesn’t just cater to woodworkers; the G0602 Metal Lathe is an excellent example of their commitment to metalworking professionals as well. With a 1HP motor and variable speeds, this lathe can handle a wide range of metalworking projects.

Construction and Capabilities: This benchtop lathe features a solid cast iron construction, providing stability and reducing vibration for more precise work. The inclusion of a quick-change gearbox, induction-hardened bedways, and a fully-featured carriage and apron make the G0602 a top choice for serious metalworkers.

9. Grizzly Industrial G0704 – Drill/Mill with Stand

The G0704 Drill/Mill is a versatile and compact machine perfect for smaller shops or hobbyists who need both drilling and milling capabilities. Its 1HP motor provides enough power to work on a range of materials, and the R-8 spindle makes tool changes quick and easy.

Adaptability and Precision: This machine includes a stand, an LED work light, and a clear guard for visibility and safety. The fine-feed head control and downfeed controls allow for precise tool movements, making it ideal for detailed work.

10. Grizzly Industrial G0720R – Heavy-Duty Benchtop Milling Machine

Rounding out our list is the G0720R Heavy-Duty Benchtop Milling Machine. This beast of a machine features a 2HP motor and a large table to accommodate a variety of milling operations. It’s a perfect fit for those who require a robust milling machine but have limited space.

Heavy-Duty Performance: With features like an electronic variable speed control, digital spindle tachometer, and a dovetail column, the G0720R provides both power and precision. The built-in coolant system and halogen work light are practical additions for any milling project.


Investing in Grizzly Tools means equipping your workshop with reliable, high-performance machinery that can handle a variety of projects. Whether you’re a woodworker, metalworker, or a multipurpose artisan, there’s a Grizzly machine designed to meet your needs. These ten products represent the pinnacle of Grizzly’s offerings, each combining quality construction, thoughtful design, and user-friendly features. By choosing Grizzly, you’re committing to tools that will serve you well for years to come, allowing you to create with confidence and precision.