How to Optimize Your OTT Strategy? Four Tips for the Success of Your Video Streaming Service

How to Optimize Your OTT Strategy? Four Tips for the Success of Your Video Streaming Service


When it comes to developing an OTT strategy for a video streaming service, multiple factors should be considered. You need to take into account your target audience’s interests, demographics, and needs.

However, it’s not enough to elaborate a plan once and stick to it forever. Something is likely to show results you don’t expect or bring no results at all. You will need to adjust your content strategy taking into account new information. Let’s talk about optimizing your OTT content strategy in detail.

Four Tips to Optimize Your OTT Content Strategy

#1 Utilize analytics

Many businesses neglect to track OTT analytics. But it can bring you valuable insights into the performance of your video streaming service. You will understand whether viewers like your videos or not, which videos they prefer the most, and which ones they avoid clicking on.

Moreover, you can understand how people are watching your videos: on what device, when, and how many. Analytics also helps you learn more about your viewers, demographics, interests, and content needs.

Analytics can also show you if you have technical issues. For example, your service suddenly becomes unavailable on mobile phones with Android OS. Analytics can show that they have trouble accessing your service. As soon as you realize that, you can solve the issue.

#2 Communicate with your audience

Communication is key. Use social media services to communicate with your viewers. They can tell you about what content they expect from you. As a result, you have multiple ideas for production. People will gladly leave feedback with likes, dislikes, and ideas on enhancements.

Social media services provide multiple tools for communicating with your audience. It can help you build stronger relationships with them. As a result, you will have a loyal user base and regular viewers.

In turn, people feel like they participate in your content creation. They feel heard, which is also a good sign for your relationship with them.

#3 Care for quality of experience

Quality of experience is the measurement of user satisfaction with your service. Multiple factors influence the quality of experience: content you create, quality of video delivery, design elements, navigation through the service, and so forth.

One of the most essential things is expectations from the service and whether you can meet viewers’ expectations. Just remember that you cannot control everything, and it’s okay to make mistakes.

#4 Add features to your service

Adding new features to your video streaming service can influence the success of your service. There are multiple options on what you can do. For example, if you haven’t had live streams, you can try them to see the viewers’ reactions. NimiTV streams all content formats (TV programs, VOD content, and radio services), having viewers for each of them.

Another idea is to implement a recommendation engine for your service. It will analyze users’ viewing history to offer recommendations based on their interests. It will save people’s time usually spent on looking for new videos to watch.

Also, changing your pricing model can enhance the service. It is what Netflix does now to lower user churn. The company introduces a lower-price ad-based subscription plan so that viewers on a budget can afford it.

Final Thoughts

To achieve success, you need to create hypotheses on what might bring you more customers and revenue. These hypotheses should be tested to understand whether it is true. Step-by-step, you will enhance your service, which also leads to success.

We have provided some tips that can help you find areas for improvement and bring you some ideas.