How To Run a DnD Business Online

How To Run a DnD Business Online


Dungeons and Dragons has a large and steady fanbase and has managed to corner a large segment of the games market for close to 40 years. Whether it’s DND Online, book-based RPGs, merch, or events, this world is vast and seemingly ever-expanding.

Surprisingly, market data is scarce when it comes to RPGs but it is easy to conclude that by sheer user numbers and book sales, this realm has even more potential. The Dungeons and Dragons online game has over 50 million total users and more than 12,000 players who log into the game every day.

If you have a savvy business mind and a keen eye for numbers, you can see where we are going with this… Here are a few ways you can run a DnD business online and get your cut of the loot at the end of the day.

Vlog About DND

If you can harness the power of social media successfully, you might just become the most powerful sorcerer in the realm.  Whether using TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook, DND-themed accounts exist across all platforms and are raking in the gold pieces.

In addition to ad revenue, Vloggers can attract corporate sponsorships, even for products that do not have an immediate connection to the DND fandom. Vlogging consistently and releasing vlogs weekly can help new vloggers attract a loyal fanbase and guarantee steady views. It is usually a slow start but once you find your audience, you are set!

Sell DND Accessories

The world of Dungeons and Dragons is immense and the possibilities for merchandise are truly endless. A search for Dungeons and Dragons on eBay returns over 130,000 plus items and spans categories from Toys and Hobbies to cell phone accessories.

DnD fans are fiercely loyal to the brand and will shell out big bucks for merch. After the 2017 release of Netflix’s Stranger Things, interest in Dungeons and Dragons soared to the highest levels since the 1980s so get on the bandwagon. Opening an Etsy store is a novel way to sell your designs and earn money for them.

Dropshipping is another great way to crack into the DnD market. Users can open online stores and have orders fulfilled overseas and sent directly to the customer with almost no middleman. There is a plethora of DnD merch available from figurines of every main character such as the DnD Rogue, to creatively customized 20-sided dice.

Host Online Sessions

Almost all in-person events have moved into the online sphere with everything from court proceedings to birthday parties now taking place online. Similarly, Dungeons and Dragons sessions have at times occurred online, especially during times when movement might be restricted or players might be sick.

Becoming an online Dungeon Master can be a great way to earn extra cash and funnel DnD expertise into a lucrative opportunity. Some Dungeon Masters charge per player, and some per session. Rates can be found online from about $30/player, or a flat fee of $375 per session. Oftentimes sessions can go on for several weeks, guaranteeing an online DM a good chunk of change before the campaign is over.

Online DMing can be a challenging prospect since the DM does not have a personal relationship with the players they are leading. It can be useful to create a survey for the potential session to find out what players want to get most out of it.

Organize LARP events

 LARPiing or Live Action Role Playing is the natural next step up from a Dungeons and Dragons session. LARPing can contain elements of Cosplay, story building, and even the blocking required to enact scenes.

Organizing a LARP event is immensely more complicated than performing as a DM but with a little practice and effort, you can be the GOAT of LARPing! Marketing a well-received LARP event is key to reaching the right audience and requires some social media skills.

LARPers will undoubtedly expect a lot from a good event and organizers should choose a good location and even see that food or snacks are available. Organizing LARPing events is a challenging enterprise but they can truly bring the magic of DnD to life for all who take part.