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Pathway to Passive is a new low cost program developed by Mark Ling of Affilorama fame. Billed as the way “not to screw up affiliate marketing”, Pathway to Passive essentially provides a good overview of the key things to focus on in any affiliate marketing business:

1. How to find a profitable niche market and how to find profitable affiliate products to sell in that niche (for automated passive income commissions).

2. How to determine the kind of content to add to your affiliate blog that has the combination of relatively low competition and high profit potential. The key here is choosing keywords to include in your content that attracts people (via the search engines) that are most likely to buy what you are offering on your affiliate blog (and easy to rank for in the search engines).

3. Techniques for “closing the sale”. Even though affiliates like yourself don’t have to do any actual selling (e.g. no need to collect money from customers, you just forward people to the merchant website with your “affiliate link”), there are important “pre-selling” techniques that you need to master to do well in the affiliate marketing business.

4. How to get authority websites to link to your affiliate blog. This is an important consideration for elevating your standing in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Gone are the days where thousands of low quality spammy backlinks would help a site rank higher. This is more likely to get you banned from the search engines these days. Learning how to attract authority backlinks by creating content that people will want to share is the name of the game.

So if you are completely new to affiliate marketing, Pathway to Passive may just be the thing you need to launch yourself in the right direction from day one.

Even if you are an existing affiliate marketer that wants to do better, Pathway to Passive may be the “getting back to basics” approach you need to get back on track with doing the right things to prosper as an affiliate marketer.

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