The Ultimate Grizzly Tools Review: 5 Essential Picks for Every DIY Enthusiast

The Ultimate Grizzly Tools Review: 5 Essential Picks for Every DIY Enthusiast


Grizzly Industrial Inc. has been a purveyor of fine machinery and tools for woodworking and metalworking since its inception in 1983. Known for robust construction, reliability, and affordability, Grizzly tools have become a staple for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this article, we’ll delve into the ultimate Grizzly tools review, highlighting 5 essential picks that should grace the workshops of every DIY enthusiast seeking to elevate their crafting game.

1. Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

Power and Precision: The cornerstone of any serious woodworking shop is a reliable table saw. The Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw stands tall with its powerful 3 HP motor that can rip through hardwoods with ease. The true riving knife ensures cuts are clean and precise, drastically reducing the risk of kickback.

Build Quality: Constructed with heavy-duty cast iron, the table and wings provide a sturdy and flat cutting surface. The inclusion of a robust T-square type fence system with camlock T-fence, HDPE face, and riving knife also speaks to the quality that Grizzly embeds in its tools.

User Experience: The ease of assembly and calibration makes it a favorite amongst DIYers. The magnetic switch with thermal overload protection ensures the safety of operators, which is a testament to Grizzly’s commitment to user-centered design.

2. Grizzly G1023RLWX 10″ 5 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw with Built-in Router Table

Versatility at Its Best: The G1023RLWX is not just a table saw but a multi-faceted workstation with a built-in router table. This combines two essential shop tools into one, saving space and expanding the DIYer’s capabilities.

Materials and Design: With a 5 HP motor, it has the guts to tackle large projects. The precision-ground cast iron table and wings, along with the full-extension drawer for router bits, accessories, and the quick-release riving knife, enhance its functionality.

Cost-Effectiveness: Given its dual function, the G1023RLWX represents significant value for money, as it effectively gives you two tools in the space (and partially the price) of one, without compromising on the quality Grizzly tools are known for.

3. Grizzly G0513ANV 17″ 2 HP Bandsaw, Anniversary Edition

Anniversary Excellence: Marking Grizzly’s 30th year, this 17″ Bandsaw combines years of refinement in a special edition package. The 2 HP motor provides ample power for re-sawing and cutting through thick materials, which is vital for any serious woodworker.

Special Features: The deluxe extruded-aluminum fence and miter gauge ensure precision in every cut. The inclusion of a blade tension indicator and blade tracking window adds convenience and accuracy.

Distinctive Design: The G0513ANV stands out with its unique anniversary black and orange color scheme, making it not just a tool but a conversation piece in your workshop.

4. Grizzly G7943 12 Speed Heavy-Duty Bench-Top Drill Press

Compact Powerhouse: Don’t let the ‘bench-top’ classification fool you. The G7943 packs a serious punch with its 3/4 HP motor and 12 speeds, allowing for versatility in drilling a wide range of materials.

Durable Construction: With a cast iron head, table, and base, this drill press is built to withstand rigorous and repeated use. The precision-ground worktable can tilt 90 degrees to both the left and right, accommodating complex drilling operations.

Functionality Focused: DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the easy speed changes and depth stop with gauge, making repeat drilling operations a breeze and ensuring consistent results.

5. Grizzly G0458Z 18″ 1-1/2 HP Variable-Speed Open-End Drum Sander w/ VS Feed

Sanding Superiority: The G0458Z is an indispensable tool for achieving smooth, finished surfaces on large panels and boards. The variable-speed feed belt allows for perfect control over the finishing process.

Build and Performance: The 1-1/2 HP motor provides enough power to handle wide pieces or heavy sanding jobs. The open-end design means you can sand pieces up to 36″ wide in two passes, adding to the tool’s flexibility.

Enhanced Usability: The sander features a state-of-the-art indexed alignment setting for narrow and wide stock, which when combined with the variable speed control, offers tailored sanding for any project.


Grizzly tools represent the epitome of quality and value for woodworkers and metalworkers, from the novice to the expert. The five tools reviewed embody the brand’s commitment to durable construction, user-friendly design, and versatility. Whether you’re looking to invest in a major piece of equipment like a table saw or bandsaw, or fine-tune your work with a drill press or drum sander, Grizzly has options that will serve you well for years to come. Their combination of performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness makes them a top pick for every DIY enthusiast.