What are the different types of business travel?

What are the different types of business travel?


Business travel serves a number of purposes for businesses and corporations around the world. Without the domestic and international movement of professionals, business operations would be hindered and companies would struggle to achieve their objectives. There are several different types of business travel, each with its own purpose and value to the business funding them. Some, such as sales appointments and pitches, are used for business development purposes. Whilst others can be more for the benefit of supply chains and establishing operational networks around the globe. In this article, we will explore the different types of business travel and what they can help to achieve.

Partner and Client Meetings

Meetings with partners and clients have been held more online in recent years, but the value of face to face interaction won’t be pushed aside forever. Periodic meetings with clients and partners allow for direct communication between the two parties and results to be reported back. These meetings can also be used to strategise and highlight any opportunities or threats to operations. Some gatherings may be more routine, while others may happen when the necessity arises.

Extended Business Trips

Business travel for a longer period is often referred to as extended business travel. These types of trips are less ordinary and require more planning with regard to longer-term accommodation and living arrangements. For example, a business traveller staying for a couple of weeks or months in the UK may choose to stay in a serviced apartment in London, as opposed to a hotel. This provides more functionality and comfort over a longer stay and can work out to be more cost-effective.

Extended trips are usually undertaken by someone with an important role in establishing a presence in a new market or region of the world. They are a smart option for anyone who needs to be more hands-on with a project away from headquarters.

Sales Appointments

Sales calls and appointments are the staples of business proceedings for many companies around the world. Salespeople or executives often travel to reach out to new customers or clients, pitching them ideas and proposals or generating new leads. This is a challenging process and requires a confident professional to execute the sales strategy.

Calls or appointments such as these are primarily for the benefit of business development and organic growth. Businesses will usually have a whole team of salespeople who do this type of business travel regularly.

Conferences and Industry Events

Another common occurrence within business travel is conferences and industry events such as trade shows and exhibitions. These take place throughout the year and in many different sectors. Typically, a few employees from a particular company would attend for some personal development and outside the office experience.

These events are usually for information and knowledge sharing between organisations in a particular industry. Furthermore, they are a good way to expand networks and meet new contacts for potential partnerships and collaborations.

Business travel can be a real perk of the job if you approach it with the right attitude. What sort of trips do you appreciate most?