Main differences between SSP and DSP

Main differences between SSP and DSP


You can use different platforms and methods to promote your content. Among them are SSP and DSP. Many beginners confuse them, which can negatively affect their company (product). To better illustrate the difference between them, let’s take a look at how the platform works on the demand side. 

Classic DSP looks like an interface through which advertisers can create a campaign and set up processes that are important for targeting. After that, it will be possible to show ads to people of a certain gender, age, income level. It will be possible to determine exactly the group that is interested in your offer (product). 

DSP allows you to distribute publications according to selected criteria. To activate such a process, you need to analyze all available materials. Among them, the most relevant ones are selected. For example, age, income level or other criteria. Then the auction takes place in real time. The best advertisement is sent to the SSP. 

With DSP, advertisers can buy ads from many companies’ websites. This will determine the portal that is best suited for your business. The SSP does just the opposite. This is an opportunity for publishers (website owners) to sell their advertising resources at the best possible price. That is, these are DSP and SSP – opposite processes, but they are aimed at achieving a single result. Be sure to use modern tools to increase the efficiency of your brand promotion process and take it to a new level. 

What is a demand side platform?

DSP is designed for those who are interested in placing an ad. In fact, this is special software that is used to automatically buy ads. It is used by those who wish to develop their business. Thanks to the DSP, it will be possible to ensure that ads are displayed on advertising exchanges, such as Google AdX. This will allow them to find new customers and attract investors to the project. 

An ad exchange is a platform where content creators and advertisers come together. This allows the exchange of digital media. On the one hand, site owners provide their platforms, and on the other hand, advertisers purchase free space through special auctions that take place in real-time RTB. People don’t participate in this, and those who pay more get the right to display their ads. 


Thanks to DSP, you can purchase advertising space on several sites at once. This will increase the effectiveness of promotion. Moreover, the advertiser can choose very specific platforms based on the targeting. For example, given the current location, gender, age, and previous requests on the Internet. Also, the system automatically decides which ads will be broadcast at a given moment. 

With a single DSP interface, advertisers can: 

  1. Install ad creatives. 
  2. Manage bids and optimize them. 
  3. Make targeting based on the characteristics of the audience. 

At the same time, it is not uncommon for companies to combine DSP and SSP to achieve a more tangible effect. Comprehensive solutions make advertising operations more transparent, open. There are definitely no difficulties with their manageability. 

Features of the SSP

SSP is a supply side platform. It is used by site owners to sell their advertising space as expensive as possible. The software allows owners of various platforms to promote them on special exchanges. Thanks to SSP, website owners can earn a good income from publishing advertising materials. There are often examples when it is possible to conclude long-term deals that are beneficial for both parties. 

In fact, SSP allows you to connect large platforms with advertising exchanges and DSPs. 

The advantages of this option are: 

  1. The possibility to launch an RTB auction. It is transparent and fair. The only person who can win is the one who offers the most favorable offer from a financial point of view.
  2. The opportunity to evaluate the available offers. 
  3. The ability to set your desired betting range. In fact, you can set a minimum price for the demonstration of one ad (text, banner or video). 

Website owners also have access to other platforms that allow them to monetize traffic. For example, Setupad. Study their features carefully, in order to sell advertising space profitably. It can be especially effective for companies working in the field directly related to the subject your site is dedicated to. 

Why DSP and SSP are so important

The differences between the two systems are obvious. However, at the same time, they are aimed at making the business more efficient and increasing sales from opposite sides. Therefore, for the rational and harmonious growth of the market, both DSP and SSP are important. Without high-quality advertising, companies cannot reach a new level, popularize their products, and find customers. However, various platforms will not be able to exist for a long time if they don’t receive money for displaying ads. That’s why both sides are connected and interested in productive and profitable cooperation. 

The use of special systems will make it possible to debug all procedures. For example, the DSP will allow you to show ads precisely to those who are interested in the service or products of a particular company. Therefore, the conversion rate will be quite high. And the SSP will allow top platforms to receive the maximum reward for demonstration of their ads.

Thus, the differences between the systems are obvious, but without their harmonious coexistence, a full-fledged market growth is impossible.