Essential Tech for Businesses Looking to Grow

Essential Tech for Businesses Looking to Grow


If you want your business to grow, you must be forward thinking in your approach. Resistance to implementing technological solutions will leave you lagging behind your competition. Smoother operational processes and the ability to streamline processes are essential to growth and, most importantly, continued growth. You should not see growth as a single fixed outcome, rather as an ongoing process. Here are some essential types of technology that will help you achieve this.


When managing a fleet, you want it to be as efficient and streamlined as possible. This will give better customer service and reduce your costs. Electronic logging devices remove the possibility of human error when logging employee’s driving time, which reduces the possibility of hours-of-service violations. ELD solutions are a simple but effective piece of tech to implement into your fleet. Do not ignore the benefits technology can bring to fleet management or you will not be running an efficient operation.


Achieving growth means that you have to use your resources to the best of their abilities, and this includes both technology and humans. If you have skilled employees who are slowed down by elements of their work that includes repetitive tasks, it can drain their productivity and morale. Data entry is one such example, and not only does it free up your resources, automation will cut down on human error. Assess the areas of your business where automation could be implemented and use it where possible.


Your business’s website has the potential to connect you to customers across the globe. However, your target audience is unlikely to stumble across it in their search for products or services you provide unless you follow crucial tips to boost your website and use search engine optimization. Ranking high in search engines is essential when it comes to attracting customers through the internet. SEO will help your business to rise up those rankings. This is an area where employing someone who is an expert in SEO would be of more benefit.

Cloud Solutions

Having your files backed up on a cloud-based system increases your security but also opens up a more efficient avenue for your employees to access their work. Having files that are saved to a particular computer is an inefficient way to run your business, as that specific computer must then be used to complete work. With a cloud system, your employees can work wherever they are. You also have an added layer of security, and should some of your hardware become corrupted or compromised, you will still be able to access the files through the cloud.

Remote Working Technologies

Remote working is the future. The global pandemic has pushed it to the forefront through necessity, however it has shown that the need for physical offices has been lessened and worker productivity has been improved. Remote working allows your employees to work from wherever they like, but also cuts down on the less desirable aspects of any job such as commuting times. It will save you money and also provide a happier, more productive workforce.

Sales Enablement Programs

As a business owner, you know that growth is key to success. And while there are many ways to achieve growth, sales the most important. n order for businesses to grow, they need to be able to sell their products or services. However, many companies struggle with sales at the worst or are not phenomenal with sales at best and this struggle with sales is the #1 aspect that stunts business growth. So how do you sell better, at scale? Sales Enablement. A sales enablement practice helps sales teams ramp faster, win more deals & boost attainment by quickly activating content for teams to learn, coach and sell. By having sales teams aligned and on-message, learning from each other, and modeling organizations top sellers, you get more sales people selling more, at scale.