How long does it take YouTube to moderate a video to monetize it?

How long does it take YouTube to moderate a video to monetize it?


Do you publish content on YouTube? This is a real source of income. The platform pays authors whose videos get a lot of views. However, the video must go through monetization before you can do that. It involves the automatic consideration of the video with special algorithms. For example, the video should not violate the rules of the platform, only in this case it will be possible to earn income in the future.

Other criteria are the following:

  1. Compliance with copyright. Only clips that do not violate copyright can qualify for rewards from video hosting.
  2. Compliance with age requirements.
  3. Other conditions. The video must not violate any of the provisions in force in the company, so that it can later generate income.

In order to apply for monetization and start earning, it is necessary to take into account that the duration of viewing videos on the channel is regulated. It must be at least 4,000 hours. You will also need to set up an account within AdSense. Next, you should accept all the conditions that YouTube puts forward.

During which period of time does YouTube process requests?

Once users have agreed to all the terms and clicked on “Apply,” the application review process begins. And that’s a process that can take a long time. Yes, it may take a few days for some, but there are cases when content creators have to wait a week or even more to get approved.

In general, if you have multiple channels or a network, moderation can go faster. For example, in some cases, a couple of days is enough to get approved and start earning very soon. And YouTube usually provides the ability to monetize in different ways. For example:

  1. Banners that appear at the bottom of the video. They do not affect the playback of the video. Such banners are usually quite small and contain brief information about a product or service. 
  2. Video reels. Their duration is most often 15-30 seconds. You can talk about the company or service, its features and benefits. Video can be demonstrated before, during or after viewing. But in the future, a video monetization platform will bring in a stable income.
  3. Text ads. They can be placed below the video. These are short notes that describe a product or service.

In general, monetization, the order of its definition and payment will take several weeks. It is necessary for this process to normalize. This will allow all the procedures to be fine-tuned.

It is also important to understand that monetization is not always a steady payment of the same amount. Its size can vary. And sometimes the difference can be significant. The number of views of a particular video directly affects the size of your payouts. Therefore, produce content on relevant topics on a regular basis to get a decent reward.

What are the problems that can arise? 

There are sometimes obstacles in the way of monetizing a video. In most cases, they are related to:

  1. Shortage of employees at YouTube. During the pandemic, the company significantly reduced the number of employees. Because of this, the moderation process began to take longer. Employees simply do not have time to cope with all the tasks that are loaded on them. This problem is especially relevant for countries in Africa and South America. People are the ones who decide whether your content is suitable to place ads with it. Since there are not enough employees, the process can slow down.
  2. A violation of any of the rules and regulations the company has in place. Rejection can be either automatic or after verification by a human. 
  3. Other reasons. For example, with the publication of content that contains violence or harshness. YouTube always takes monetization from such videos, so it is not possible to earn money on them.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons for rejection. And this seriously affects those who produce content. They are forced to strictly comply with the policy of video hosting in order not just to post materials, but also to earn money from them.

However, special sites and applications are now working to facilitate the task of content creators. They help to keep track of major trends and rules. Thanks to this, it will be possible to publish videos that will have a response from the audience. The most important thing is that there will be no problems with receiving compensation for them.

What kind of income can monetization bring?

Monetizing your videos is an important part of income for almost any blogger. Yes, if you have a lot of subscribers (several hundred thousand or more than a million), you can also earn through advertising integrations. However, for bloggers with relatively few followers, monetization is the main source of income. It often helps to pay back the costs associated with publishing and producing a video. 

The income from monetization can significantly vary. Top bloggers who have a large number of subscribers on their channel, as well as quite many videos, can earn several thousand dollars. For some, even 200-300 c.u. is not a bad income.

As an alternative to YouTube, you can use other sites as well. For example, there are platforms that immediately pay authors a fixed amount for the production of content. This is beneficial for some bloggers. There is also the opportunity to provide your content by subscription. However, it is still YouTube that is the most popular hosting site.