How YouTube Can Be Used To Drive Organic Traffic To Your eLearning Site

How YouTube Can Be Used To Drive Organic Traffic To Your eLearning Site


Unlike traditional learning methods, eLearning enables participants to take part in a structured learning experience independent of their geographical location. Participants here could include students, employees in training, and casual learners. 

Why is eLearning important?

eLearning techniques are important for both academic purposes and job training. eLearning platforms like LearnUpon LMS are utilized to deliver all the information, manage, and track progress all in one single platform. 

A brief history of its evolution: 

The existence of the term ‘eLearning’ dates back to the year 1999 when it was first used at a CBT (computer-based training) systems seminar. But this concept of delivering distance courses to students marks its existence long before the introduction of the internet. 

Issac Pitman, in 1840, taught his students shorthand via correspondence, which was a symbolic form of writing and was quite popular amongst journalists, secretaries, and other individuals as their job involved a lot of writing. 

Then in 1954, the machine that enabled students to test their knowledge was invented by BF Skinner, a professor at Harvard University. This ‘Teaching Machine’ allowed schools to provide programmed instructions to their students. However, the very first CBT program was introduced to the World in 1960 and was popularly known as PLATO-Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations. It was widely used by all the schools in the entire area. 

But all these inventions based on online learning were only meant for delivering information to students. It was only during the 70s that people started striving harder to make this mode of education interactive. Britain’s Open University used the distance learning method to connect to many students all around the area and send study material via post. With the invention of the internet,  they could do that quicker and also host correspondence with tutors via mail. 

The first MAC in 1980, enabled people to have access to computers in their households thus making learning new skills easier. By the 90s, several schools all across the world started using online learning to educate people even from distance making the most of the internet. In the 2000s, businesses started using eLearning to teach their staff members. Both freshers and experienced employees now have the chance to broaden their skill sets and deepen their understanding of any sector. It is expected that by 2025, the eLearning market will be worth $325 billion.  

So, saying that the eLearning market is growing and is only looking to get more profitable would be an understatement. If you have an eLearning platform and are looking for ways to make it more visible, perhaps the right marketing strategy would be of great help. 

Here are a few suggested ways that can be used to drive quality traffic to your eLearning website via youtube: 

  • Give your viewers a compelling reason for the click: Make short, more creative videos to grab people’s interest. Create a short video that would serve as a teaser of the quality content that you will be providing on your website. Make a demo course that functions as a trailer to tease your audience and give them an idea of what your full course may be like. Just make sure not to provide too much information but just the amount needed to attract potential learners to your website.


  • Provide an information card at the end of the video: Providing a clear CTA at the fag end of your videos has a significant role to play in guiding people regarding the very next step once they are done watching the video. The target of the information card is to:
    1. Keep them playing your videos in a loop
    2. Guide people to a lead magnet on your eLearning site. 

Ensure that the content of your video is similar or approximately similar to your lead magnet. For instance, if your youtube video is on Time complexity, DSA, then make sure your lead magnet is to get enrolled in your DSA course. 

  • Add links to your youtube video: Use the description box to provide links to your website and increase the traffic to it. Make sure the links are clickable, that is using‘ https:\\’ or ‘http:\\’ to make the links clickable. Next, make sure you provide the link to the exact course enrollment page and do not beat around the bush by providing a link that would guide them to your homepage. That page of your site has a lot of information and might confuse someone who’s visiting it for the first time. Lastly, put your links either at the end of the topmost part of your description to avoid any sort of confusion.

Conclusion: Taking the assistance of YouTube to increase traffic to your eLearning website adheres to many of the similar rules as any off-website strategy. Your objective is to draw the appropriate audience and provide them with quality content. Convince your viewers that their time is worth your content and offer them resources that they would not receive anywhere else.