Improving Conversion Rates in Google Ads

Improving Conversion Rates in Google Ads


Can you really improve your conversion rates?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes, but there are steps you can take to maximize this potential. From monitoring Google Ads reporting, right through to analyzing findings and honing in on the most relevant search terms as defined by trending keyword research; there really are a multitude of options to give your business the boost that it needs.

With this in mind, your goal should be two-fold. The first is to reduce the cost per conversion, saving you expenses in the process, and the second is to increase the rate of conversions so that you have a pleasing ROI.

Tip #1 – Focus on your landing page

You might not know this, but the average website visitor will develop an opinion on your services in less than 5 seconds. That means if your home page takes 6 seconds to load, you’re already off to a dreadful start. Most marketers will turn their attention directly to the landing page and evaluate its performance before anything else.

A good way for you to check if your conversions are suffering is to analyse your Bounce Rate (BR). A high BR means that someone is visiting your site, not liking what they see and returning to their previous page. You can further analyse this data by checking the average amount of time the user spent on your page. Under 5 seconds? Your landing page needs work as a priority.

Tip #2 – Put ad copy where it belongs

Your landing page might not be your home page; in fact, it could be situated on any internal link in your possession. Regardless of where it is, it should have dedicated ad copy. Unlike web copy, your advertisement content should be sharp, compelling and engaging as standard.

The rest of your website can have general information, but your landing page is what your potential conversion will see first. As a result, and especially if your conversions are low, consider reworking your content to add a little extra momentum to your visitor. Pair this with a clean, approachable design and you’ll soon develop a powerhouse of profitability.

Tip #3 – AdWords shouldn’t include BadWords

A huge mistake many site owners make is simply selecting a competitive keyword and then sitting back and hoping for conversions. Never overlook long-tailed keywords and variations, even if they don’t seem to offer the same visibility as the more competitive alternatives. The key is to minimize your costs while maximizing your visibility, so don’t go for the most obvious search terms – perform a little keyword research and find a set of terms to invest in.

Tailoring your ad copy

To complement the above activities, you could even tailor your ad copy to reflect search terms and develop your own authority by doing so. As your authority increases, you’ll then set yourself up to enjoy greater visibility via SEO, so it’s a win/win.