Guide to Using Cost-per-Click for Your Small Business

Guide to Using Cost-per-Click for Your Small Business


CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click. It is also referred to as PPC (Pay-Per-Click). CPC is an online advertising model. In the CPC model, advertisers pay the publisher when their ad is clicked inside the website or application of the former.

CPC – Beneficial for All Entities

Publishers who enjoy high levels of web traffic can maximize their revenue with the CPC model. Advertisers who wish to increase web traffic to their landing page, use CPC ad networks. Since advertisers are paying for clicks rather than impressions, CPC is relatively more cost-effective. CPC campaigns provide quicker results for the advertiser as well as the publisher.

How to Get Started with a CPC Campaign?

Publishers make use of CPC ad networks to match them with advertisers. Publishers consider the following factors before partnering with an ad network,

  • The current user base of the ad network.
  • The creative and technical options are available.
  • The volume of ad serving of the network.
  • Advertiser’s overall budget.

The advertiser uses a dedicated tool in the user interface to set up a specific CPC campaign with the chosen publishers. After the publisher is chosen, the CPC commission rate and campaign schedule are assigned.

Top Five CPC Ad Networks

  • Google AdSense

Google AdSense, without a second thought, is the most popular ad network. It is simple, straightforward, and very effective. Google works with millions of advertisers and can deliver a high CTR rate on relevant ads. With Google AdSense, you can control the ad types for your website or application effectively. You have access to reports that showcase the performance of ad campaigns on your webpage. You can also add custom search bars and get paid through the ads on the search results. As a publisher, you must ensure that you have sufficient ad space and can display the advertisements that are most closely associated with visitor interests. To earn through Google AdSense, your webpage must comply with the multiple conditions posed by the network.

  • RevContent

RevContent is a well-known native ad platform for publishers. It is also referred to as a content discovery platform. Native ads are those that perfectly fit into the feel and look of your website. Native ads provide a very high engagement rate and have the lowest intrusive score. To partner with the ad network, your website must have web traffic of 50,000 users a month. RevContent is an expert in connecting ads to user interests. RevContent promises a significantly high CTR rate. When you are working with RevContent, you can monitor campaign performance through a real-time dashboard.

  • Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the well-established CPC ad networks. More than 100,000 website owners and blog writers benefit through Infolinks. The advertisements from Infolinks blend well into the webpage. The ads do not require the standard banner space. Instead, they appear in hyperlinks or minimized formats. Website visitors can hover over the links to make the ads appear. The key benefits of partnering with Infolinks are easy installation, smooth user experience, friendly support team, and high-quality advertisements. Publishers can combine Infolinks with other ad networks too. Since Infolinks do not place any restrictions on web traffic volume, the ad network is suitable for small and novice businesses.

  • ClickAdilla

ClickAdilla is for publishers who believe they can reap optimal benefits with ad targeting techniques based on geography, IP addresses, and other categories. The self-serve ad network supports various ad formats such as banners, pre-roll, etc. It also offers flexible payment options (Bitcoin, PayPal, etc.) and can connect you with different service providers for real-time bidding. While working with ClickAdilla, you can track your performance through their dashboard. Payment terms and threshold limits with ClickAdilla are negotiable.

  • Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the best CPC ad networks for small businesses for the following reasons.

  • They do not have any minimum web traffic requirements.
  • The sign-up process is straightforward.
  • The ad network has excellent targeting options.
  • Installing ads and altering their appearance are both simple.
  • No restrictions on language.

To partner with Bidvertiser, you must own a website that showcases legal products and is not associated with adult-only content.


Publishers can make significant profits through CPC campaigns. It is crucial that publishers realize that every ad network is unique and brings different benefits to the table. Publishers must analyze the key features of the ad networks before making a choice. After you are set with an ad network and campaign strategy, your website will see significant growth. As your website grows and gains popularity, your earnings through CPC are bound to grow too.